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Family Holiday Lodges – Home Away From Home

Many of us are so busy in our work that we never have enough time for a foreign vacation. While some of us are constrained by time, others have big families and it makes it impractical for them to travel to another country with so many family members as it’s not economical. For such people, vacationing at family holiday lodges is the best option. The business of family holiday lodges has seen tremendous growth during the last two decades and now many Americans prefer vacationing at a family holiday lodge instead of travelling to a distant location for a couple of days. In this article we will discuss the advantages of vacationing at a family holiday lodge.

  • Accommodating:

I will reiterate it; family holiday lodges and Yosemite vacation homes are the best option for those who have big families. Staying at a 5 star hotel with 7 family members can be pretty expensive on your pocket. Contrary to this family holiday lodges are more economic and provide ample space for a large family to stay together.

  • Kitchen facility:

Unless you book a presidential suite in a five star Santa Ana hotel, you won’t get an attached kitchen with your room. A lot of us have a habit of preparing our own meals. What so ever be the reasons for this habit, the fact is that people like to eat self cooked meals. Almost all family holiday lodges have attached kitchens where you can prepare your meals just as you would do at your home. For those who have small children it’s an added advantage as children tend to have allergies and it can ruin your vacation if one your children falls ill after eating the hotel food.

  • Beautiful locations:

Most of the family holiday lodges are built on beautiful locations overseeing lakes and mountains. If you live in a metropolitan then you will certainly love them. Some of us dream of having a home in such beautiful locations, a family holiday lodge will give you the exact same feeling, you will feel as you were staying in your own home surrounded by breath taking sceneries.

  • Stay together as you would have in your home:

While staying at a hotel you will have no option but to rent individual rooms for your family members. This can take the whole “family feeling” away. But if you decide to stay at a family holiday lodge then you can stay with all of your family members just as you would in your own house. This is perhaps the most defining feature of family holiday lodges, you stay as a family, and you have fun as a family.

  • Invite your friends:

Hotels often place restrictions on the number of people that you can entertain in your room. There is no such issue with family holiday lodges. Since they are designed to accommodate a large family, you can invite any number of guests and party with them just as you would have done while partying at your own house. Family holiday lodges also have spacious backyards and front lawns so you will never run in to trouble because of lack of space.

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How To Deal With Travel Nightmares

Very few people are lucky enough to make it all the way through their holidays without any stress at all. There’s always something, usually, thankfully, quite small, that crops up, for example the weather is bad, your flight is delayed by an hour, or the restaurant is out of strawberry ice-cream when that’s all the kids want for dinner.

travel nightmare

But some problems can be enough to wreck a holiday completely. Rare as they are, they do happen and it’s always good to know how to cope if they happen to you. Here’s some of the most common travel disasters that affect holidaymakers:

Missing Flights

No matter how often some people travel, they somehow always have to rush to the gate and never learn from past mistakes. It’s happened to me countless times.

How to avoid it – You can’t predict traffic jams or other delays, so always give yourself plenty of time before check-in closes. Better to have an hour to kill in the shops than risk missing your plane.

How to deal with it – If you do miss your flight, how to resolve it depends on whose fault it is. If it was down to a delay in your connecting flight say, then the airline has a responsibility to get you onto the next available flight. But if it’s your fault, it’s best to play nice and hope for a friendly agent to help you out.

Losing Luggage

Off for your summer holidays, you arrive in Spain only to find – your suitcase containing all of your beach gear has gone awol – disaster!

How to avoid it – Other than not checking a bag at all, always carry important documents and valuables such as phone charger, laptop and expensive jewellery in your hand luggage. Also I always make a point of sticking a change of underwear in there too.

How to deal with it – Take a deep breath, then report it at the desk, and leave a forwarding address. Hopefully it will arrive at your Yosemite vacation rental place or hotel  within a day or two. Then it’s off to the shops to buy some more clobber.

Getting Ill

Nothing ruins a holiday quite like being laid up in your hotel room or hospital bed for the duration, while the rest of the family are out enjoying the sun.

How to avoid it– When going abroad always be aware of the health risks in that country, and take the necessary precautions, such as avoiding ice in restaurants. Buy insurance before you travel, and if you’re going to Europe, carry your EHIC card at all times.

How to deal with it – Try and find a pharmacy, or have someone else go for you. Check what your insurance covers before going to hospital. In some countries treatment will be free due to a reciprocal treatment agreement with UK but not in every case!

Getting Lost

Losing your bearings happens to the best of us, whether in a big city or out in the countryside

How to avoid it – Carry a map with you whenever you go out exploring. Travel in organised groups if you have a real tendency to get lost. Always carry around your hotel’s phone number and address, as well as the number of a taxi company.

How to deal with it – Never be afraid to ask for help. Pop into anywhere that looks like people may speak English such as a hotel, shop or restaurant and ask for directions or for them to call you a cab.

Lost / Stolen Passports

Finding your passport is missing can strike fear into the most hardened traveller – “How will I get home?”, but you have to be realistic – it’s a nightmare to resolve, but doable.

How to avoid it – En route, keep all important documents in an inside pocket at all times. Scan them before departure and email them to yourself.

How to deal with it – If it happens to you then the first step is to locate the nearest British embassy or consulate and report it missing. For people on American holidays they will need to get to one of these major cities. Clear some space in your schedule, because you’re going to have a lot of paperwork to fill in. If your holiday is coming to an end, it may be worth paying for a speedier service.

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What You Need To Know About Self-Catering Apartments

apartmentAccommodation is one of the most important things that you need to prepare in case you are planning to spend your holiday in another country. You have two options, either book for hotel reservations or rent a self-catering flat. The latter is becoming the more popular option to those who are travelling with their families.

What Are Self-catering Flats?

It is a flat in which you can attend to your own needs. Some holiday flats offer maid service one or twice a week, but you are on your own most of the time. Renting self-catering Yosemite vacation rental accommodation instead of booking for hotel accommodation is a more cost-effective option in case you are spending your holiday with your family.  Here are some of the benefits of holiday flats.


Holiday flats provide carious amenities. Most self-catering accommodation provides a complete set of kitchen utensils, which you can use when cooking. You can also have access to television, private phone, internet and so forth, by paying extra.

Experience the Local Life

Renting holiday flats will give you the opportunity to experience the local life.  Most self-catering accommodation is located within the neighbourhood. Staying in one will make you a resident and not just a mere visitor. Just like the locals, you need to attend to day-to-day activities, such as shopping for groceries, doing the laundry, cooking, sightseeing, recreation, and so forth. In other words, a self-catering flat will enable you to experience the culture, economy and life of the people in the country you are visiting.

Enough Space for All

If you are travelling with your family, you may need to book for several Santa Ana hotel rooms because a single room cannot accommodate all of you. Worst of all, your family members may be assigned to a room that is very far from yours. If you want the whole family to stay together during the night, then holiday flat is your solution. Holiday flats come in varying sizes and finding one that is large enough for your family is not a problem.

More Freedom

You are free to do anything inside a self-catering flat, as long as you don’t damage anything. You drink beer until you get drunk, leave your luggage on the floor, cook your own food and do any activity that you can think of. You will never be able to do this in hotels because you need to follow strict regulations during your stay.


Cost effectiveness is one of the main advantages of renting holiday flats. A renting a flat that can accommodate five people is much cheaper than booking for several hotel rooms to accommodate the same number of people.

Staying in a holiday flat will also allow you to reduce the amount of your food expenses. If you stay in hotels, you are obliged dine in a restaurant because you are not allowed to cook there. On the other hand, you can spare yourself from expensive restaurant dishes if you stay in self-catering flats. You can simply buy the ingredients and cook your own food.

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7 Tips For Better Ski Trips

If you’re traveling to a ski resort town, you want to try to maximize your fun by removing annoyances and obstacles. To do this, you should be mindful of the little things that can really drag you down. Here’re a few tips that can remove those annoyances and help you have a better time on your next trip.

1: Ditch the Resort

There are a lot of good things about staying at the ski resort, but there are a lot of bad ones, too. If you’re not at the Santa Ana hotel with kids, you can be very annoyed at the noises of other people’s children using the hallways and hotel rooms as a playground. Or if you have kids, you can be mortified at the amount of noise they make and how hard to control they’ve suddenly become. Staying in a house can give you a little more freedom from noise and freedom to make noise.

2:Bring Hand Warmers

Chemical hand warmers can make the difference between unpleasantly cold hands and nice, toasty warm ones.They’re small, very effective, and can last for hours. There are similar things for your feet, but with the pressure from your body weight, you can find yourself getting uncomfortably hot, so test them out early.

3: Make Sure You’ve Got a Variety of Quality Layers

Layering is the key to keeping comfortable on the slopes. If you’re not properly layered, you’ll feel the cold deep in your bones. Start with a base layer (long underwear) of a moisture wicking material like Capilene or similar, a quality pair of ski socks, and don’t forget a neck gaiter.

4: Carry Your Boots with You on the Plane

Okay, so it’s unlikely that the airline is going to lose your luggage, but if they do, you’ll be happy you didn’t lose your boots, too. Your boots are your most custom-fit piece of ski equipment, and the hardest to replace comfortably with Yosemite rental properties.

5: Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have sleep apnea, don’t forget to bring your treatment with you. Altitude makes sleep apnea worse, and can even cause sleep apnea in people who don’t normally suffer from the condition. Sleep apnea can make you tired during the day, give you headaches, make you cranky, and just generally ruin your ski trip.

6: Sunscreen

Even if you don’t normally need it, you may need it on the slopes. At high altitude, UV radiation can be about 50% higher than at lower elevations. The snow reflects up to 90% of the UV radiation as well, so you may be exposed to nearly three times the amount of UV radiation your skin is used to. Sunscreen can protect you from painful burns that can ruin a ski trip. Apply liberally, and don’t forget to reapply.

7: Gift Cards Instead of Cash

Want to hit the slopes unburdened by a bulky wallet? Try buying some gift cards before your trip. They’re waterproof, so they won’t get wet and sticky, but if you lose one on the slope, you won’t have the same security risks that come with a lost credit card.

Following these seven simple tips can remove many of the nuisances from your ski trip so you can have a much better time.

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Top 6 Small Island Vacations To Escape The Winter Blues

The urge to lie back on a hammock, sipping your favorite drink, and watch the tide come in is generally felt most strongly when contending with a northern winter. As the sun dips further and further down the horizon and the days become shorter, it’s easy to start feeling a bit down in the dumps. When it begins to feel like the winter blues have really gotten you in their grip, it’s the perfect time to betake yourself off to a small island for a vacation.


Soaking Up the Sun

There is no better way to chase away the winter blues than by soaking up the rays of the tropical sun. Fortunately, the Earth has no shortage of small, delightful islands in the tropics to cheer you up and help you forget snow and ice.

  • Bora Bora is guaranteed to provide the winter weary traveler with the finest tropical paradise. Resorts and bungalows are available in every price range, and lounging on the pristine beaches is free. Surrounded by a barrier reef and a handful of smaller islands, Bora Bora is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • Sometimes, you needn’t travel to the ends of the Earth to enjoy a vacation on a small, tropical island – the Florida Keys offer warm, sunny, palm tree filled sands for anyone who needs a break from winter. Not all the keys are developed for tourists, but Hawk’s Key, among others, does have accommodations for vacationers.
  • While we in the Northern Hemisphere are in the depths of winter, Australia is basking in its summer sun. Located on the eastern coast of the Land Down Under, Heron Island is one of the treasures of the natural world. Actually a part of the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island displays a fantastic range of wildlife both on land and in the water, and would be a scuba diver’s paradise. A guesthouse provides accommodations.
  • Bequia is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. If you want to avoid the commercialism that has spoiled so many tropical islands, Bequia is the place for you. Most of the island is undeveloped, complete Santa Ana hotel modern accommodations are available, which means that you will be able to enjoy your ‘escape’ in peace and quiet.
  • Lamu Island, off of Kenya, is a surprise for most seeking sunshine. Not well known, but long on sun, beaches, and friendliness, you will find a combination of the old and new on Lamu. One of the oldest settlements in Africa is on Lamu, but you will find that the lodgings are definitely 21st Century. The village of Shela is where those who want to lie on the beach will want to go, but don’t neglect to visit Lamu Old Town and Lamu Museum.
  • Terre-de-Haut is another island in the Caribbean that is usually overlooked by tourists. However, the combination of sheltered beaches, palm trees, lovely hotels, Yosemite vacation homes and a night life district makes this an ideal spot for those who are looking for a tropical vacation with a bit of ‘oomph’ in it.


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Look Great, Feel Great On Vacation

When you’re caught in the icy grip of the polar vortex, nothing sounds as good as a tropical vacation. In the sultry summer, the opposite is true, leaving you dreaming of an Alaskan cruise or a ski weekend. Vacations are appealing because they’re a break in your routine, and getting a break always feels great. Your travel clothes also help you step away from everyday life, so whether you’re taking off for a couple of weeks in the Bahamas or just planning a weekend retreat in some Yosemite vacation homes, find a travel wardrobe that makes you look and feel spectacular.

Make a Statement with Color

Tasteful neutrals are fine for the office, but when you’re on vacation, indulge in all the vivid colors you love. Warm colors like saffron, paprika and nutmeg spice up your cool-weather vacation clothing, so reach for solids and prints in deep, rich colors. For a trip to somewhere tropical, think of the bright, clear hues found in nature: aquamarine water, lush green foliage and fresh mango evoke a tropical holiday mood even as you pack for your vacation. Take a quick look around Pinterest for summer holiday fashions and see what makes you crave some fun in the sun. You’ll also find great examples of vacation-ready looks in the featured women’s clothing cruise collection at Fresh Produce Clothing.

Easy Living

Be a Beach Bum This WinterWhile fitted styles and unforgiving fabrics look elegant for the office, they’re the opposite of vacation-friendly dressing. Comfort should be high on the list of your go-to travel clothes, especially if you’re planning a long flight or road trip. Pick easy, wrinkle-free fabrics for travel, and you’ll get to your destination looking as fresh as you did when you got to the airport. You might go through plenty of temperature changes on the trip, so be flexible in your travel clothing choices. If you’re boarding a flight in Denver to take a Caribbean cruise sailing from New Orleans, you’re going to need a few layers you can easily add or remove.

Knits are your best friends for vacation because they move with you and refuse to wrinkle. T-shirts are especially travel-friendly when you roll them instead of folding them for packing. Any folds they develop shake out quickly, but if you try the military-inspired roll technique from this Lifehacker demonstration, you can fit a few weeks’ worth of shirts that show no visible signs of having been stowed away for the long haul. Skirts are also great for the burrito treatment, but give them a day or two to hang once you arrive at your destination to loosen any creases they may have developed.

Pair Jeans with (Almost) EverythingJeans work Anywhere

Jeans may be your usual weekend wear, but they also make terrific travel clothes when paired with the right accessories. You don’t really have to wear too much Del Mar jewelry. Classic denim got its start as a hard-working fabric, but jeans play hard too. If you plan on a morning horseback ride along the beach or a hike in the mountains, you need something tough enough to handle activity yet soft enough to feel comfortable for hours. Jeans are an effortless choice with a colorful T-shirt, but they also work with something dressier.

Accessorize Wisely

The right accessories give your travel wardrobe greater depth. Scarves are popular this year, and they make the ideal travel accessory. Draped around your neck, a scarf is a fashionable touch of color that adds interest to basic travel clothing. Shake one out and wrap it around your shoulders for another layer of warmth when you’re on your way to the airport. When you arrive and swap your street clothes for a swimsuit, your scarf does double duty as a sarong. The most versatile scarves are light enough to drape and wrap well, so skip the chunky knits in favor of summer-weight cotton and rayon.

Comfort Counts

If you’re used to weekends on the couch in sweats, you know the joys of ultimate comfort. Your favorite hoodie might not be travel ready, though, so swap your usual comfort wear for upscale versions of some of your easiest pieces. Instead of sweat pants, upgrade to stretchy broadcloth or cotton capri pants. A tunic top is just as easy going as a sweatshirt but has a stylish silhouette. Dresses in jersey or terry couldn’t be easier for vacation dressing, and they pack beautifully.

Look and feel great on your next trip by picking easy-care pieces that offer versatile wear. When each style in your suitcase are easy-to-pair, you have enough outfits for your whole stay and still have room for souvenirs.

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